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CCPL - Vision & Mission
We aspire to be the recognized leader in the construction industry, committed to building infrastructure, residential, educational and industrial projects across India. We always strive to provide the highest value to our owners, customers, and community with an eye towards safety, quality, and service.
Chandralekha Construction strives to grow our organization through investigating advancing technology, industry changes and the varying needs of our client as our industry evolves. We will continuously diversify our skill set to distinguish us from our competition and foster loyal customers as we build infrastructure and energy projects that improve the quality of life in India.
We are committed to making safety a top priority for all employees. We integrate safety and risk management into our daily operations, ensuring that it becomes a natural part of our operation’s culture, enhancing management/worker cooperation and providing long-term positive results
We act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values. Acting with integrity builds trust which is a top priority in every relationship we maintain, from customers, subcontractors, and suppliers, to fellow co-workers.
We are committed to satisfy our clients through excellent performance. To achieve this we continually push our self hard not only to meet client expectations but to exceed them through our performances. We keep a track of our performance on all projects through our ISO-9001 certification as we enhance our processes, customer relationships and industry recognition.
We are committed to investigating new products and procedures to ensure we stay on top of advancing technology, growth within our industry, and changing needs of our clients. Through our passion for construction and forward thinking project management style, we continuously diversify our skill set to separate us from our competition.
Our employees are our greatest asset. Great teamwork allows company to benefit from the combined strength of our individual talents, skills and expertise which are vital when tackling challenging construction projects both on and off the fields.
119, 1st floor, Sant Nagar,
East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110065
D-171 Sector - 63
Noida, Uttar Pradesh- 110019
Email ID:-
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